Mikhail Ershov

Associate Professor

P. O. Box 400137
Dept. of Mathematics
302 Kerchof Hall

Research Areas
Group Theory

Property (T) for noncommutative universal lattices (with Andrei Jaikin-Zapirain), Inventiones Mathematicae 179(2) (2010), 303-347.


Kazhdan quotients of Golod-Shafarevich groups (with appendices by Andrei Jaikin-Zapirain), Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 102(4) (2011), 599-636.


  • Master of Arts (MA), Brandeis University
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Yale University

Research Projects

  • Kazhdan's property (T), Golod-Shafarevich groups and Kac-Moody groups
    • Project sponsored by U.S. NSF - Directorate Math. & Physical Sciences
    • 09/15/2009 - 08/31/2012
  • Sloan Research Fellowship for Mikhail Ershov
    • Project sponsored by Sloan Foundation
    • 09/15/2011 - 09/15/2013

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