Faculty research  interests cover the following topics: Algebraic topology, representation theory, commutative algebra and algebraic geometry,  group theory, harmonic analysis, history of mathematics, low-dimensional topology, mathematical physics,  pde's,  probability,  operator theory,  and statistics and analysis.  Many faculty are supported through research grants. 

There are a total of seven postdoctoral instructors, including five Whyburn Instructors and one Mary Ann Pitts Postdoctoral Fellow, who do research complementary to our faculty's research.

The highly competitive Whyburn postdoctoral program has been in existence about 30 years.

Our research is supported by a variety of active seminars. These vary from year to year. In 2013-14, we had seminars in Algebra, Algebraic Topology, Commutative Algebra, Galois Theory, Geometric Representation Theory, Geometry, Mathematical Physics, Operator Theory/Operator Algebra, and Probability.

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